Kitchen Garden

14 George StreetObanArgyll and ButePA34 5SBScotland, UK

Tel: 01631 566332

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Kitchen Garden

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Welcome to the Kitchen Garden, a busy delicatessen and coffee shop situated in the picturesque town of Oban - the Gateway to the Isles. We stock some of the best, the most interesting, the most unusual and the downright most tasty items to be found from Scotland and beyond, so you should find what you are looking for, and maybe something you never knew you needed!

From the deli we can see the stunning scenery of the Island of Kerrera, with the hills of Mull behind. Our coffee shop & café "above the deli" is fully stocked with freshly prepared, mouth watering goodies to tempt you. We also have a restaurant licence if you fancy a glass of wine or a bottle of beer with your meal.

Do call in and visit us - we aim to have a little something for everyone.

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