Loch Creran

AppinArgyll and ButePA38 4BQScotland, UK


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Loch Creran

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Please click on the following link to a guide map of Loch Creran - a Marine Special Area of Conservation


A comprehensive guide to the Loch Creran has been published by local marine biologist Terry Donovan.. This unique guide aims to increase awareness and understanding of this special loch and offers something for both locals and visitors to the area. Within its chapters, it describes and illustrates the amazing wildlife and natural habitats found in and around Loch Creran, its geological and historical background as well as a description of current commercial and leisure activities.

The guide promotes Loch Creran as an outdoor destination to be visited and enjoyed by all. Its explanations of the history and natural heritage of the area are sure to make it an invaluable companion for everyone, including divers, sailors, cyclists and walkers.

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