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CorachieTaynuiltArgyll and ButePA35 1HYScotland, UK

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Corachie Clematis have been growing plants and supplying garden centres across Scotland and into England since 1988, and more recently supplying gardeners through the Corachie Clematis Garden Centre at Bridge of Awe, Argyll. A specialist grower of Clematis, we stock over 100 varieties, along with a wide range of other climbers, shrubs and more.

Corachie Clematis Garden Centre stocks a wide range of plants, gardening tools and sundries. Tea, coffee, homemade cakes and snacks are served at the Honeysuckle Takeaway, and there is a picnic area with a children's play area.

Corachie Clematis also manufacture and supply trolley jackets for Danish Trolleys and provide haulage services, distributing from a centralised depot to Garden Centres throughout Scotland.
Corachie Clematis Wholesale, 01866 822 266
Fax : 01866 822 570

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